Lancôme Show press kit
The first spread introduces us to the world of
Lancôme seen through the eyes of the talented
fashion designer, Alber Elbaz.  A pull tab allows the
viewer to literally flip through the seven page booklet.
The models make their way down the red carpet
runway and with the pull of a tab are magically
transformed into elegant mascara bottles before the
eyes of all the magazine editors and fashionistas.
We get a full view of the fashion show with our models
being admired by the tastemakers and cameras as
Elbaz looks on from behind the red curtains that rise
up from the page.
Now we are transported to the make-up table where
examples of the mascara, eye shadow and false
lashes are on display.  One can push the compact
mirror to get a glimpse of themselves before an
evening on the town.
The press kit was printed in eleven languages and  
created for numerous markets around the world.  
Above is an example of the cosmetic product offered to
some of the Asian regions.
Finally, the show comes to a close, but hopefully not
the collaboration between
Lancôme and Alber Elbaz,
who gives us a charming wink as we lift the CD from
the last page to access the additional content.