I have been teaching an introductory paper engineering class at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York since 2004.  
The students never fail to surprise me with their creativity and skill and I plan to share their creations here.  (I wish
there was a course like this when I was starting out!)  I am honored to be introducing pop-ups to a whole new
generation of students, and who knows... maybe one day I will be sharing their success story on this site.   
Classes begin in September, so look for updates in the coming months.!
Many kids and a fair share of adults have asked me if I can teach them how to
make pop-ups. Someday, I would love to offer a variety of courses, both in-person
workshops and maybe even online videos. Until then, I always recommend a
great book from called Elements of Pop-up by David A. Carter and James
Diaz.(ISBN-13: 978-0689822247)  You can find this excellent guide at many local
bookstores or online vendors.  As a special bonus - click on the image of the
cover to download a PDF of all the templates used in the book.  Just print them out
on thick cardstock paper and you can begin to make your own pop-ups.  Enjoy!