Castle: Medieval Days and Knights
First off, we have a massive castle rise up from the
page.  Two side flaps talk about the history and
construction and provide pop-up views of these stone
We peel back the wall to see all the activity in the
various rooms throughout the castle.  Learn the
bizarre "facts" that the children were being taught in
the schools and what they had to use for toilet paper.
Get up close with some of the more important workers
in the castle.  With a pull of the tab see stone carving,
candle making, and metal smithing all come alive!
Our young knight stands ready in shining armor as we
learn about the ways of medieval warfare and the
knight's code.
See the action unfold as two knights do battle in the
jousting tournament and learn about the other sports
and traditions that entertained and scared the masses.
Join the banquet, but beware of the strange foods and
manners of the guests, as we watch the dubbing of a
new knight.