The Freedom Trail

Four days more. That is how long you have to fund the start-up project called the Freedom Trail Pop-up Book by Denise Price. Make your pledge now!

Four years ago. Denise contacted me after learning about the paper engineering course I teach at Pratt Institute. She had a wonderful idea to create the first pop-up book about Boston. Denise was not able to take my class at the time (it was a heckuva commute from Boston to Brooklyn), but she did take workshops and studied with Paul Johnson and was able to continue her personal study of pop-ups. Soon she had a white prototype of the book that she shared in this Youtube video. After careful research of the historic buildings along the Freedom Trail, Denise finished the illustrations and was able to create a color prototype. Now she needs your help in self publishing this project!

Click on this Kickstarter link to show your love for this love letter to Boston. What better way to celebrate our nation’s independence next week then by supporting this patriotic pop-up project.


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