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Playing with Pop-ups

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Today is the day. Which day you say? May Day? International Workers Day? Director John Woo’s birthday? Well, yes, technically all are correct, but I am referring to the release of “Playing with Pop-ups” by Helen Hiebert. Helen is a paper artist based out of Colorado who made one of my favorite films called Water Paper Time in addition to creating great art and writing a half dozen books. Her latest book is part pop-up instruction manual and part gallery showcasing 24 paper engineers from the U.S. and abroad. I was fortunate to meet Helen at the last Movable Book Society conference (psss, the next one is coming up this September!) where she shared her wonderful work. Helen asked me to design a special pop-up project for her book so I chose to make a fun card for your Valentine’s Day or any other day you wish to show some love. I was also honored to be featured in the gallery section next to the legendary David Pelham (and I can thank the alphabetical order for that one).

“Playing with Pop-ups” will appeal to the paper crafters as well as the fans of pop-up books. (And really, who ISN’T a fan of these wonderful books!) This book would also make a great gift for young artists that are interested in creating some paper projects. I would say this book is suitable for ages five and up with the help of some parents and a photocopier. (If you don’t know what a photocopier is, check out this video.) Speaking of videos you can see the trailer for the book here and a review here.

You can find this book at local and online bookstores, so don’t delay and you better show me some love and send me a pop-up card for Valentines Day once you master my project!