The Men’s Guide to Holiday Shopping

It has been a very busy time for me as I wrapped up 2012 and since the Mayan Apocalypse or Fiscal Cliff did not destroy me, I have some time to share all the exciting news. Last month I had the pleasure to collaborate with artist, Scott Meadows on a great pop-up video project. Check it out “The Men’s Guide to Holiday Shopping” here on Vimeo. We had a great time creating a guide for gift shopping from a male perspective (but I think it is pretty universal truths here) and were able to incorporate some luxury items with pop-up paper elements. I really think this showcases the potential for movable paper mechanisms to help create impactful and innovative advertising and promotional pieces. This pop-up stuff isn’t just for kid’s books! If you think this is cool, then I hope to blow your mind with another advertising pop-up project that is coming along wonderfully. Stay tuned!


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