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Cuts and Folds

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

I was excited to find out that two of my favorite artists were going to be in town to exhibit new work within a week of each other.  Just another reason why I love the endless occasions and opportunities that New York City has to offer.  So off I went to the Lower East Side to see the show Beautiful Evidence at the Foley Gallery‘s new space.  I fell in love with Thomas Allen‘s photography of altered books years ago and have followed his career with fervor.  For his current series he moved away from cutting up old pulp novels and dug into vintage science books.  It was a pleasure to take in the dozen intimate prints on the wall as well as a window display of some of Allen’s earlier studies.  It was even more enjoyable to meet him in person and get a personalized book while hearing about an experience with his daughter that served as inspiration for the show.  Great composition, great technique, great guy and a great time.

A week later I found myself in gallery of the Art Directors Club for the Of Art & Artifice show presented by Ghostly International.  This 4 day event of ‘sound, art and inspiration’ showcased about a dozen designers, artists and musicians including Matthew Shlian.  His new giant black Tyvek folded structure literally anchored the show as it was suspended from the ceiling in the center of the space.  Shlian’s smaller framed paperworks occupied one of the rear walls and I was elbow to elbow with other visitors as we admired the clean lines and hypnotic swirls of his Extraction Series.  I did not get a chance to hear him speak this time around, but Ghostly did produced a great video of Matthew Shlian talking about his work as he creates it.  Check it out!

All in all, it was wonderful to view these inspirational works from artists I respect in a setting that was inviting and progressive. I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves for their encores and I hope that they will be coming through New York again soon. ~Kyle