Vintage Movable Review: Black Cat, White Cat

Today we are looking at a pop-up book of opposites.  Black Cat, White Cat was created by Chuck Murphy in 1998.  (It should not be confused with the excellent Yugoslavian adult comedy that came out the same year.)  This smaller format, five spread book was published by Simon & Schuster as a follow up to his successful series that includes One to Ten and Color Surprises.  Chuck Murphy is one of most solid paper engineers ever to lay scissors to paper and his work is among the first I turned to when I was teaching myself about pop-ups.  He has a very easy and distinctive style, with high contrast graphics that compliment the rhyming text.  I always get the feeling that his books are all very well thought out with careful attention paid to his children audience.  You can read more about Chuck’s ideas from an older interview with Robert Sabuda and learn about his background from a short biography found at Random House.

I’ll leave you with a short video of the finale in this book.  Still pictures just would not suffice.  Enjoy!


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