Vintage Movable Review: Northern Trust Bank

I recently received a treasure trove of pop-up ephemera from Australian pop-up collector and all around great bloke, Corrie Allegro.  He and his wife have run a graphic design firm in Victoria, Australia for the past thirty years, where he developed an insatiable taste for movable and pop-up designs.  Corrie has recently created a blog to share more about his massive collection.

Today we get to check out a quirky pop-up magazine insert from 1987.  This advertisement for Northern Trust Bank asks “If you think nobody cares if you’re alive… try missing a couple of loan payments” as the single spread pop-up unfolds to reveal angry creditors knocking at an office door while a nervous man barricades it from the other side.  The quote is attributed to the New York Post gossip columnist, Earl Wilson.  The ad uses humor, catchy (if dated) artwork, and a great pop-up design to talk about something as boring as commercial banking.  There is no information on the paper engineer or manufacturer of this piece, but it feels like something that Intervisual would have created.  So in lieu of any more information on this piece I’ll leave you with a few more quips from “Midnight Earl”.  Enjoy.


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