Whats Popped Up: Engaging pop-up book

One month ago, I asked my long-time love to marry me.  During our Valentine’s dinner I wooed her with flowers, chocolates, and an elaborate home cooked meal.  In return she sang me a German love song and presented me with a beautiful letterpress card and framed photograph of the two of us.  Now, being a paper engineer has a lot of perks.  I get to cut and paste paper all day long and make children’s pop-up books, but there is a downside.  Your girlfriend knows your capacities and over the years comes to expect the occasional custom pop-up card.  But I think that I was able to surprise her this time with a hand bound three page pop-up book.  It is rare to make her speechless but rest assured that by the end of the book as I asked her a question on bended knee, she managed to whisper a single word…yes!


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