What’s Popped Up: Magic Circus Tour

Magic Circus Tour Video

Gérard Lo Monaco is a busy man.  We got a sneak peek at some of his new titles a month ago when the 3rd Salon took place in Paris.  I was eager to get my hands on his work and lo and behold we have a copy of The Magic Circus Tour before us today. The carousel book was released at the end of 2010 by the always inventive and playful Helium Editions in France. (The same folks who brought us Popville and 10 Little Penguins.)  The five-sectioned book depicts some fun and familiar scenes of the circus and employs a paper engineering twist by rotating some characters upon opening.  Check out the publisher’s blog for more photos and more information.

Besides being one of the artistic directors at Helium Editions, Lo Monaco is also a principal designer at Les Associés réunis, which designs colorful novelty and graphic books for children and adults.  And by the looks of things there are many more great titles to come.


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