Vintage Movable Review: Deering Mowers Movable

Another simple wheel mechanism on display today comes from a fun advertisement for Deering brand mowers and binders. William Deering boasts of inventing “the most complete and perfect line of harvest machinery in the world.” The six-inch square promotional shows a genteel competitor offering to sell a front-geared binder to a farmer who curtly replies “No Siree, The Deering All-Steel Binder is the best. You may skedaddle.” Then with a flick of the wheel the salesman is booted in the keister before the family dog chases him off the property. Looks like Deering wasn’t pulling any punches (or kicks) when it came to promoting his new machines. The card is credited to the color chromolithography firm of Sackett, Wilhelm & Bertzig of New York and I date the card to about 1888, based on other newspaper advertisements. Now, I too must skedaddle.


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