I’m a Cyborg, but that’s OK

As I was trawling through the interwebs this week I came across a very cute virtual pop-up book.  I’m always excited when my different interests align so it was a delightful bonus to find that the virtual pop-up book was created as a promotional for one of my favorite Korean directors, Chan-Wook Park.  I’m a Cyborg, but that’s OK was released in 2006 and has yet to have make it’s way to the U.S. or Netflix, but I have my fingers crossed.  You can learn more about the film at IMDB and Wikipedia.


The virtual pop-up book is quirky creation from the Korean design firm D.O.E.S. which stands for “dreams of electric sheep” and references Phillip K. Dick’s seminal work that spawned one of my favorite movies, Bladerunner.  Based on the preview of their 2010 reel it seems they are no strangers to the virtual pop-up book and have created another version of the pop-up book for LG.  You can also check out their fun cut paper animation for the LG Cyon Lollipop and don’t forget to see the “making film” section for a behind the scenes look at all the hard work they put in.

Getting back to the charming virtual pop-up book, the viewer can explore three chapters and interact with the characters on each of the spreads in fun ways.  While they cheated on the physics of the constructions, it works well with the surreal nature of the project.  The pop-up book closes with an appendix that promises three make-your-own masks based on the movie, but I was disheartened to find that the links were no longer available.  Guess I will have to make my own bunny mask.  Now all that is left is for me track down a copy of the movie this weekend because the pop-up promo sure sold me.


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