Libros Moviles in Spain

I just learned of a new pop-up exhibit that opened last week in Andalucia, Spain.  More specifically at the Teatro Auditorio in the Southern resort town of Roquetas de Mar.  The movable books in the show come from the extensive collection of Ana Maria Ortega Palacios and her husband Alvaro Gutierrez Banos.


I have had the good fortune to meet with these lovely collectors on past occasions and know that this exhibition will be tastefully presented with many rare books selected from their 1,700 title holdings.  I learned the show is divided in two sections.  One side of the hall represents a general history of movable books dating back hundreds of years with impressive examples of Meggendorfers, Nisters, Kubasta, Wehr and other masters of the Golden Age of Pop-ups.  As the exhibition continues, viewers can peer into twelve cases to see different book formats and explosive mechanism used by various paper engineers.

The exhibit is slated to run from April through June, which gives me time to save up for a trip to Spain.


P.S. Spanish articles covering the opening can be found here and here.

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