Going to the Library

Rubin Visit

I was fortunate to visit Ellen Rubin this week and get a chance to see her newly completed library. Known around the world as The Pop-up Lady, she is an avid collector that has amassed a remarkable collection of movable books and ephemera. Ellen also shares her pop-up treasures through her writings, lectures, and exhibits that she has helped curate.
Faced with countless fine examples of movable books spanning hundreds of years, I asked Ellen to display some of her favorite pieces from the turn of the century. With a knowing smile she produced delicate volvelles and Nisters, McLoughlin titles and Meggendorfers; all within arm’s reach. Robert warned me that the visit to such a prestigious collection could be overwhelming, and the hours slipped by before we could move beyond a few bookcases. In fact, I almost missed my train home, because I was so engrossed in investigating some of her beloved Kubastas. Luckily, I made my train with moments to spare, vowing to return for a longer visit (and next time I’ll set an alarm!)

Check out The Pop-up Lady’s wonderfully informative website and be sure to view the animated images section featuring one of my favorite Meggendorfer scenes.

– Kyle

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