Esquire E-ink Cover

For the past seventy-five years Esquire magazine has been making headlines with some of its more provocative and iconic covers. For this month’s anniversary collector’s edition, Esquire tops itself and creates the first E-Ink magazine cover. We have been hearing about E-ink for years and have been (not so) patiently waiting for its arrival in consumer products. Finally through a collaborative effort between Esquire, Ford, E-ink Corp. and Structural Graphics; wishful thinking became a reality this month. The above still photo does not do the technology justice so I have included one of many videos from the Web showcasing the magazine. You can view the short demonstration here.

We love the projects that Structural Graphics has been helming, whether it’s the effective Lexus pop-up book or the eye-catching inclusion on E-ink technology, and I’m sure they will pop-up on the blog again. To learn more about how E-ink works and what this Connecticut-based company is up to, visit their website.

– Kyle

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