I like odd things, even more so when they are made out of paper.  This should not be too surprising by now.  So I was really pleased when I came across these little oddities shown here.


These rubber band-activated paper toys come in four bizarre flavors, which I have dubbed clown, devil, yokel and shrew.  I’m guessing these are not the original monikers nor the first stereotypes little boys and girls clamber after at the toy store.  I’m also guessing they are from the 1970’s based on the artwork and original packaging.


In some ways, the box is even better than the toys.  I don’t know if I’m more scared by the heavy lidded children or the “new-astonishing” pop-up Pop-ettes.  Needless to say, I could find no information on these little critters or the manufacturer on the Internet, but maybe that is just as well.  I can’t imagine these being a big seller or that many sets survived the ages.  Which is a pity as there must have been a second “animals” version with the coveted tiger Pop-ette.  So in the interest of posterity I introduce you and the rest of the web to these unique pop-up toys.  “They snap! They Pop! They Chatter!” boasts the packaging for these four puppets.  These Pop-ettes do more than that…they totally freak me out, and I love them for it.


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