Smooth Move

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly is chock full of gossip about Madonna, Drew and Justin and most interestingly, a pop-up advertisement. Dr Pepper has been around since 1885, lending an air of medical authority to the soft drink business. Thanks to some scientific breakthrough they have sequenced the Prunus avium genome and are ready to introduce Dr Pepper Cherry. Fans of the ill-fated Dr Pepper Red Fusion may take consolation in this possibly similar concoction, but is the rest of the world ready for the good doctor’s new frankensoda? To assuage any fears they wanted to share how smooth the beverage is. The cover depicts a tall perspiring glass of Dr Pepper Cherry with the question “How smooth is the taste?” Let’s open the spread to reveal the answer to this coy question.

Dr Pepper Cherry Pop

“Amazingly smooth” we are told. You might go so far as to say…smooth as silk. As the spread is opened, the soda can tips slowly as silk falls into a pool below. It’s a provocative ad, making some viewers in the office think of satin sheets on Valentine’s Day and others of a sea of blood matched only by images from the motion picture “The Shining”. I’m not sure if the ad company was shooting for that imagery, but it made for a hearty discussion at the studio and if you can talk about an advertisement for more than five seconds than you know you have a real smooth ad on your hands.

– Kyle

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